Loading and Unloading Filament

Loading Filament

Once the nozzle has heated up to your desired temperature you can begin loading filament.

A helpful tip to loading filament is to cut the filament at a slight angle. This makes it easier for the gears inside the QuadFusion to latch on to the filament.

Starting with Tool 0, select 20mm of filament, over a period of 1mm/sec, and then click “Extrude”.

We do not recommend loading filament faster than 1mm/sec. Loading filament quickly has been known to cause grinding and skipping.

Place your index finger and thumb around the filament your are loading. You should begin feeling the filament being tugged into the Quad Head, repeat this action with the remaining filaments.

If you do not feel the slight tug of the filament being pulled into your QuadFusion, check the Troubleshooting the Extruder guide for help.

Once all four filaments have been partially loaded into the QuadFusion, you can begin to load them each 20mm at a time until you see filament coming out of the nozzle.

We recommend that you create a new tool that controls all the filaments, to find out how to do this go to the Tool Definitions guide.

Unloading Filament

When unloading filament you will need to keep the nozzle heated. The purpose of this is to make sure when you are unloading the filament that it doesn't break when retracting.

Furthermore, since your filament has already passed through your QuadFusion the gears have already made a track in the filament. This means that you are able to retract the filament at a faster pace.

Thus, when retracting filament, you will want to select whichever tool you wish to start with, choose 50mm, at a pace of 15mm/sec, and click "Retract"

The filament should begin to retract at a quick pace. Repeat the same action with all the other filaments until they are completely out of the QuadFusion.

Do not pull the filament out unless it is stuck. Pulling on the filament can cause it to break which may lead to a jammed QuadFusion.

If the filament is not retracting, go to the Troubleshooting the Extruder guide for help.

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