Critical Warnings & Information

The M3D QuadFusion 3D Print Head is an industrial product. The user assumes all responsibility for proper operation and acknowledges that they understand the operation and standard practices of additive manufacturing. The user assumes all responsibility for its proper use and agrees to follow the directives below to ensure a safe and working unit before any other operation.


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    DO NOT TOUCH PRINT HEAD WHILE OPERATING The QuadFusion is a powerful industrial machine. While the QuadFusion is moving or printing you should not reach into the buildspace.
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    Place the printer in a place where nothing can catch on fire should the worst occur. The QuadFusion 3D Print Head is constructed out of metal and fireproof materials. Still, PLA and other filaments can burn and cause a fire if the print head is used improperly.
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    Don't extrude faster than 5.6 mm^3/s with any filament in extruder to start. Get success first with no skipping then try to push the limits. Do the math: 45mm/s movement, 0.3 mm layers and 0.5 mm wide would be 6.75mm^3/s , a bit to fast for your first print, especially with pla. So adjust layer heights accordingly, for example to 0.25mm high for your first prints. Over time you should be able to print faster. Remember that speed depends on material, number of print moves per second, nozzle type and temperature.
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    NOZZLES may cause burns when hot.
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    The cold section fan is spinning very fast when the system is on. Please keep tools and yourself clear of it when it is operational.

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